Monday, March 27, 2006


Dave Ravara and Arnel Matildo Win The Rapid Chess Tournament

An exciting rapid chess tournament was recently held in Reef Mall, Dubai on Friday, 17 March 2006, with 19 Filipinos and 1 Indian national competing for the first prize. The tournament commenced with an inspiring message from Mr. Augusto Marcial, the President of the Filipino Chess Players League, who welcomed the participants and briefed them on the rules and conduct of the tournament.

The tournament was scheduled for 7 round Swiss System with 15 minutes on the clock allocated to each player.

Dave Ravara, together with Danny Baltazar and Onin Payoket, took an early lead after round 3. Despite strong competition against Danny Baltazar in round 4 which ended in a draw, Dave was never shaked-off to see the light at the end of the tunnel. On a head-to-head battle with Onin Payoket, Dave Ravara maintained his solid position down to the last minute and defeated Onin Payoket in the final round with 6.0 points.

Arnel Matildo grabbed the second place after a tiebreaker with a high score of 6.0 points. Arnel Matildo fought hard in the final round against his long time compatriot Abdulla Tato. With only few seconds left on the clock, Arnel outplayed Abulla on a King and Pawn ending after the latter forced the former exchanged all his minor pieces.

The final result of the tournament is as follows:

1. Dave Ravara (6.0)
2. Arnel Matildo (6.0)
3. Nihuzzar (5.0)
4. Onin Payoket (4.5)
5. Mel Cabangon (4.5)
6. Abdulla Tato (4.0)
7. Cholo Yape (4.0)
8. Rolly Viente (3.5)
9. Antonio Marbella (3.5)
10. Emman Marbella (3.5)
11. Efren Macabuhay (3.5)
12. Danny Ambing (3.0)
13. Jun Eborlas (3.0)
14. Danny Baltazar (2.5)
15. Ben Penaranda (2.5)
16. Geronimo Panes (2.5)
17. Jayard Gapuz (2.5)
18. Eddie Toral (2.5)
19. Fred Lopez (2.5)
20. Caloy De Guzman (1.0)

Mr. Mel Cabangon and the very energetic Mr. Joey Tiberio facilitated the tournament very efficiently.


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