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FCPL October Active Chess King Tournament 2008 - Paul Ducalang CUP Result

Round five results (final round of the eliminations for the playoffs)

No. Name------------------Total------ Result--------Name---------------------Total

1 Johnny, P (3)-------------[4]-------0:1---------Loyola, Rolenson (5)-----[4]
2 Pabalan, Rocky (7)-------[3]------- 0:1--------Molina, Antonio Sr. (1)---[3]
3 Abo, Jumar (11)----------[3]-------0:1--------Tabada, Jobannie C. (2)---[3]
4 Taopa, Gilbert (4)---------[3]-------1:0--------Valerio, Axel John (9)-----[3]
5 Natividad, Rafael (6)------[3]-------1:0- -------Maitem, Tata (33)--------[3]
6 Yape, Pucholo (8)--------[2.5]------0:1--------Payoket, Marcelo (10)---[3]
7 Dolor, Denes (32)--------[2.5]------0:1--------Dolor, Larry (17)---------[2.5]
8 Lopez, Alwyn (27)--------[2]-------0:1--------Valerio, Alexious (12)-----[2]
9 Bonifacio, Bonnie (13)----[2]--------0:1-------Mursaleen, Ahemad (35)--[2]
10 Perez, Richard (15)-------[2]-------1:0------- Ducalang, Paul (23)-------[2]
11 Caliyon, Edwin (30)------[2]-------1:0--------Cagatin, Hermie (19)------[2]
12 Ambing, Danny (20)------[2]-------1:0--------Medez, Rey (28)----------[2]
13 Caunca, Mark (31)-------[2]-------1:0--------Millan, Lindo (24)---------[1.5]
14 Parreno, Cyrus (18)------[1.5]-----1:0-------Gawid, Nino (14)---------[1]
15 Edward, Arieta (21)------[1]--------0:1--------Mangino, Brian (34)------[1]
16 Dural, Eddie (26)---------[1] -----1:0---------Serrano, Edmund (22)-----[1]
17 Capua, Rene (25)---------[1]-------1:0--------Valerio, Aja (38)---------[1]
18 Salangsang, Jojo (37)-----[1]--------1:0--------Saji, Soman (36)----------[.5]
19 Adarsh, Saji (29)----------[.5]-------0:1--------Valerio, CJ (39)----------[0]


Standing after Round 5

Top four players below qualified for the October Active Chess King Playoffs

The playoffs schedule
Two-game series with time control of 15 mins plus 5-second increment starting on move one (Ties will be decided by the Armageddon game)

Friday, October 10, 2008

3:30 p.m. - Semifinals
Match 1 - No.1 Rolenson Loyola vs. No.4 Jobannie C. TabadaMatch
Match 2 - No.2 Johnny P vs. No.3 Marcelo Payoket

5:30 p.m. - Final Match 3
Winner Match 1 vs. Winner Match 2 (play for championship)
Match 4 - Loser Match 1 vs. Loser Match 2 (play for third)

1. Loyola, Rolenson---------5
2. Johnny, P-----------------4
3. Payoket, Marcelo--------4
4. Tabada, Jobannie C.-----4
5. Natividad, Rafael--------4
6. Taopa, Gilbert-----------4
7. Molina, Antonio Sr.-----4
8. Dolor, Larry------------3.5
9. Pabalan, Rocky--------3
10. Abo, Jumar-----------3
11. Valerio, Axel John----3
12. Ambing, Danny-------3
13. Perez, Richard--------3
14.Maitem, Tata----------3
15.Mursaleen, Ahmed----3
16. Caunca, Mark--------3
17. Calerio, Alexious-----3
18. Caliyon Edwin--------3
19. Dolor, Denes---------2.5
20. Yape, Pocholov------2.5
21. Parreno, Cyrus-------2.5
22. Cagatin, Hermie------2
23. Bonifacio, Bonnie----2
24. Ducalang, Paul-------2
25. Lopez, Alwyn--------2
26. Salangsan, Jojo------2
27. Capua, Rene--------2
28. Dural, Eddie--------2
29. Medez, Rey--------2
30. Mangino, Brian-----2
31. Millan, Lindo-------1.5
32. Edward, Arieta-----1
33. Serrano, Edmund---1
34. Gawid, Nino--------1
35. Valrio, Aja----------1
36. Valerio, Cj----------1
37. Saji, Soman---------0.5
38. Adarsh, Saji--------0.5
39. Ravara, Dave-------0


Round 6 Pairings for the Challenger Cup

Round 6 starts at 3:30 p.m. (Friday, 10 October 2008)

1. Molina, Antonio Sr. (4) vs Taopa, Gilbert (4)
2. Dolor, Larry (3.5) vs Natividad, Rafael (4)
3. Mursaleen, Ahmed (3) vs Pabalan, Rocky (3)
4. Valerio, Axel John (3) vs Perez, Richard (3)
5. Maitem, Tata (3) vs Abo, Jumar (3)
6. Valerio, Alexious (3) vs Ambing, Danny (3)
7. Caliyon, Edwin (3) vs Caunca, Mark (3)
8. Parreno, Cyrus (2.5) vs Yape, Pucholov (2.5)
9. Cagatin, Hermie (2) vs Dolor, Denes (2)
10. Mangino, Brian (2) vs Bonifacio, Bonnie (2)
11. Ducalang, Paul (2) vs. Lopes, Alwyn (2)
12. Medez, Rey (2) vs Capua, Rene (2)
13. Dural, Eddie (2) vs Salangsang, Jojo (2)
14. Valerio, Aja (1) vs Millan, Lindo (1.5)
15. Gawid, Nino (1) vs Valerio, CJ (1)
16. Saji, Soman (0.5) vs Edward, Arieta (1)
17. Serrano, Edmund (1) vs Adarsh, Saji (0.5)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

An Open Letter from Francis Aldeguer..formerly known as FCPL's Mr. Suave:

--- On Thu, 10/2/08, Francis Aldeguer wrote:
From: Francis Aldeguer

Subject: Pag-iingat
To: "Willy Laceste"

Sir, ako ay may isa lamang sasabihin kaya ako nag-message sayo at sana ay maibahagi mo ito sa mga kaibigan natin diyan lalong lalo na kay Ginoong Edward Arieta, Ginoong Emmanuel Marbella, at ang iba pa nating mga kaibigan na itinuturing nating parang ating mga kapatid. Ang masasabi ko lamang ay dapat kayong mag-ingat sa babaeng balbon dahil ito raw ay mahilig sa ibon! Eh baka kasi makatagpo kayo ng ganyan, eh makain ang inyong kakapiranggot na ibon!


Mr. Francis Aldeguer

The Filipino Chess Players League brings you yet another chess tournament this October... please read below....quick:

FCPL October Active Chess King Tournament 2008

Schedule: Friday, (3 October) and Friday, (10 October) / Open to all nationalities

Venue: Reef Mall
Time: Game starts at 3:00 p.m. (please come early if you intend to register on the tournament venue on 3 October)

The tournament will be a combination of Swiss system and match play format as explained below:

A five-round Swiss system elimination on October 3 will determine the four qualifiers to play for the playoffs. The playoffs qualifiers will battle it out in two-game matches that will be held on October 10 for the right to the title as FCPL October Active Chess King. The non-qualifiers will continue to play in the nine-round Challenger Division, with their scores in the previous five rounds being carried over. The final four rounds of the Challenger Division will be played on October 10.

The semifinals pit the No.1 qualifier vs. No.4 and No.2 vs. No.3. The winning semifinalists will advance to the finals and the losers will play for third. All matches will be played in a two-game series with the Armageddon system (details of which will be explained further during the tournament) serving as the tiebreaker.

Challenger Division
- any player may choose to take a bye for up to two times in any of the first three rounds (on the first day of the tournament (on October 3))
- any player is allowed to take a bye only in the sixth round (on the second day of the tournament (October 10))
- any player requesting a bye must inform the Arbiter before the pairings are posted, otherwise such request will no longer be entertained

- a bye is worth half a point

Time Control

15 minutes, plus 5-second increment

Registration fee

Dhs. 50


----------------------Chess King Division-----Challengers Division
Champion------------Dhs 700------------------Dhs 300
1st runner-up---------Dhs 500------------------Dhs 200
2nd runner-up--------Dhs 400------------------Dhs 150
3rd runner-up--------Dhs 300-------------------Dhs 100
4th runner-up--------2 Pepsi--------------------Dhs 100
5th runner-up--------1 Pepsi--------------------Dhs 100
No sharing of prizes (Why should I?)

Special prizes

Special prizes are exclusive to FCPL players who have participated in at least one FCPL-rated tournament this year. No sharing of prizes. Ratings are based on the latest FCPL Rating List released on October 1, 2008.

Top 1800-under - Dhs 100
Top 1900-under - Dhs 100

Top 1901-above- Dhs 100

Contact persons
Jobannie--- 050 4674887
Alex------- 050 7964468
Willie------ 050 4263862
Joey------- 050 4501437

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