Thursday, December 31, 2009


A Joyous Christmas and a Meaningful New Year to All


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Arellano rules ConGen Cup Battle of Champions

Philippine Consul General Hon. Benito B. Valeriano (standing middle) with winners of the ConGen Cup Chess Festival at Reef Mall.

National Master Robert Arellano captured the coveted title in the FCPL-ConGen Cup Battle of Champions last December 18 after scoring 8 points in the six-player double round robin event at Reef Mall.

The Battle of Champions served as the centrepiece event of the Consul General's Cup as it featured the champions of the different monthly tournaments organised by FCPL in 2009 as well as invited top players. Arellano tallied seven wins against two draws and a single loss to eventual first runner-up Jobannie C. Tabada, who had seven points.

Rolenson Loyola also had seven points but had an inferior tiebreak to settle for third place. Iran's Samer Mehdi took the fourth spot with 5 points, followed by Jumar Abo (2) and India's Santhosh P (1), who qualified to the Battle of Champions after ruling the ConGen Cup Open Active Chess Tournament, which concluded last December 17 also at Reef Mall.

(Update) Four Three other top players - Fide Master Tony Molina Sr., Marvin Marcos, Danny Baltazar and Rocky Pabalan - however failed to compete in the event because of other commitments. Pabalan, a many-time champion of the FCPL monthly competitions, missed both the ConGen Cup Active Chess Tournament and the Battle of Champions as he had to go home to his hometown in Negros Occidental earlier to attend to the funeral of his sister, who died in a motorcycle accident just a few days before the start of the active chess tournament. Our condolences to his bereaved family.

Meanwhile, in the ConGen Cup active chess event, Santhosh took the top spot with 8 points, while Jumar Abo was second with 7 points. Samer Mehdi also had seven points but settled for third with a lower tiebreak score.

(Update) The category champions were Richard Perez (Top Under-1900), Joey Tiberio (Top Under-1800), Ronnie Balilo (Top Under-1700) and Sudharsan Surya and Kyle Cedric Dolor (Top Kiddies).

In the ConGen Cup Open Blitz Tournament, Larry Dolor reigned supreme with 5.5 points in seven games. Macky Ingcongan and Joey Tiberio tallied the same output but came out second and third respectively after the tiebreaks were applied.

Philippine Consul General in Dubai and Northern Emirates Hon. Benito B. Valeriano handed out the awards to the winners later in the day. Hon. Valeriano also inducted into office the new set of officers of the FCPL.

Hon. Valeriano inducting into office the FCPL officers.

The awarding ceremonies were followed by the FCPL Christmas party.

More photos and videos to follow.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Raffle Draw Winners

Congratulations to the following lucky ticket holders for winning the top prizes in the raffle draw during the FCPL Christmas Party held last December 18, Friday at Reef Mall.

Ticket #      Winner                        Prize
0255          Carlos de Guzman         Asus Netbook
0957          Jobannie Tabada           Sony Digicam
0362          Jumar Abo                    2G iPod Shuffle
0824          Patricia Formentera       2G iPod Shuffle
1455          Willy Laceste                2G iPod Shuffle
1092          Allan Rey Amante         Buffet Dinner for 2 at The Atlantis

Thank you to all who participated and supported the activity, especially those who took part in the raffle draw.

We will post photos and videos of the event as well as a report of the ConGen Cup activities and awarding ceremony later.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


FM Molina leads after 6th round of ConGen Cup

(Please note that the raffle draw will be held on Friday, December 18, during the awarding ceremony of the ConGen Cup)

Fide Master Antonio Molina Sr. grabbed the solo lead after defeating fifth-round solo leader Jumar Abo in a bruising sixth-round encounter in the ConGen Cup Open Active Chess Tournament. The tournament leader has 5.5 points, half a point ahead of four others.

Molina, playing white, weathered a menacing kingside attack by Abo, who failed to find the best continuation after a daring bishop sacrifice in the middlegame, allowing Molina to neutralize his offensive and pick up the full point.

The erstwhile leader dropped to second place with five points in a tie with National Master Robert Arellano, Santhosh P of India, and junior player Natun Dasgupta also of India.

The final three rounds will be played Thursday starting at 8 pm.

The ConGen Cup Open Blitz Tournament will be held Friday starting at 3 pm. Registration is now open (call 050-4674887 to register). Registration fee is Dh 20 and Dh 10 for FCPL members.

Awarding ceremonies of both events will be held on Friday after the blitz competition.

The blitz tournament and awarding ceremonies on Friday will be held at the ex-Book Plus area of Reef Mall, located in the left wing of the main lobby (between Dome Cafe and the internet cafe).

Round 7 Pairings

Standings after Round 6



ConGen Cup Round 4 pairings

(Please note that the raffle draw will be held on Friday, December 18, during the awarding ceremony of the ConGen Cup. The list of raffle winners will be posted in this blog) 

Please see below the third-round standings, round 4 pairings and complete list of participants of the Consul General's Cup Open Active Chess Tournament.

Round 4 will start at 8 pm Wednesday to be followed by the fifth and sixth rounds.

The seventh, eighth and ninth rounds will be played on Thursday starting at 8 pm.

Registration is now open for the Consul General's Cup Open Blitz Chess Tournament, which will be held on Friday starting at 3 pm.

Awarding  ceremonies will be held on Friday after the blitz competition.

Round 4 Pairings

Standings After Round 3

List of Participants


Monday, December 14, 2009


ConGen Cup Active Chess Tournament Round 1 Pairings

(Please note that the raffle draw date has been moved from Dec. 11 to Dec. 18, during the awarding ceremony of the ConGen Cup)

The 2nd Consul General's Cup Active Chess Tournament will kick off Tuesday at 8 pm. A short opening ceremony will start at 7:30 pm.

The tournament will be for 9 rounds with three games to be played each night on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Time control is 15 minutes plus 5-second increment per move.

There will also be a a pair of blitz tournaments on Friday. One is a battle of champions featuring all players who placed first or second in all the tournaments organised by FCPL this year plus a few invited players. The other is the ConGen Cup Open Blitz Tournament, which is open to all.

Those who will play in the battle of champions are not eligible to play in the ConGen Cup Blitz Tournament. Full details of the blitz events will be announced and posted here on Wednesday.

The awarding ceremonies of all events will be held on Friday, after the blitz competitions.

Consul General Hon. Benito Valeriano will be present on Friday to award the prizes and induct the officers of FCPL.

Please see below full details, including prizes of the tournament and the round-one pairings.

Consul General’s Cup Chess Festival 2009
Reef Mall, Dubai, UAE
December 15-18, 2009


December 15
7:30 pm
Main entrance lobby, Reef Mall
Opening Ceremony
December 15
8 pm to 11 pm
Main entrance lobby, Reef Mall
Round 1 to 3
December 16
8 pm to 11 pm
Main entrance lobby, Reef Mall
Round 4 to 6
December 17
8 pm to 11 pm
Main entrance lobby, Reef Mall
Round 7 to 9
December 18
2 pm to 5 pm
Former Book Plus area, Reef Mall
Blitz King Chess Championship / ConGen Cup Blitz Tournament

December 18
5 pm to 11 pm
Former Book Plus area, Reef Mall
Awarding ceremony /
Induction of FCPL officers by Consul General Hon. Benito Valeriano /
Year-end party

The tournament will be held at the main entrance lobby of Reef Mall in Dubai, UAE.

The tournament is open to all Filipino expats in the UAE and to other nationalities.

Tournament will follow the Fide Rules and the rules and regulations stipulated in this invitation.

Active Chess Tournament
Tournament Format: 9 Rounds, Swiss System
Time Control: 15 minutes plus 5 seconds per move starting from move one (20 minutes play to finish for clocks with no increment)

Blitz Chess Tournament
Tournament Format: 9 Rounds, Swiss System (subject to change)
Time Control: 5 minutes

Battle of Champions Blitz King Chess Tournament
Tournament Format: Round Robin (subject to change)
Time Control: 4 minutes plus 2-second increment

Tie Breaks:
a) The result of their particular game, if applicable (Only for ties for first place)
b) Median Bucholz
c) Bucholz
d) Progressive
e) Most number of wins
d) Most number of black wins
f) Drawing of lots

a) Cash prizes (Players eligible for multiple cash prizes can only claim the prize with higher value. Prizes will not be shared among tied players.)
Active Chess Tournament
Champion                     – Dh 500 plus medal plus certificate
1st runner-up                 – Dh 350 plus medal plus certificate
2nd runner-up                – Dh 250 plus medal plus certificate
3rd runner                      – Dh 150
4th runner-up                – Dh 100
5th runner-up                – Dh 75
6th runner-up                – Dh 75
7th runner-up                – Dh 50
8th runner-up                – Dh 50
9th runner-up                – Dh 50
Top Under 1900                      – Dh 50 plus certificate
Top Under 1800                      – Dh 50 plus certificate
Top Under 1700/Unrated         – Dh 50 plus certificate
Top Kiddie                               – Dh 50 plus certificate

Blitz Chess Tournament
- Top 5 winners (value to be announced)

Battle of Champions Blitz Chess Tournament
- To be announced      

Active Chess Tournament
Registration fee: Dh40
FCPL Members: Dh20

Blitz Chess Tournament
Registration fee: Dh30
FCPL Members: Dh15

Round 1 Pairings


Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Invitation to Consul General's Cup Active Chess Tournament

Dear Fellow chess enthusiast,

You are invited to the Philippine Consul General's Cup Active Chess Tournament, which will be held from December 15 to 17 (Tuesday to Thursday) at Reef Mall. Games will start at 8 pm, while time control is 15 minutes plus five-second increment per move.

Prizes will be given away to the top 10 players and rating category champions.

A blitz tournament will also be held on December 18 (Friday), which will be followed by the awarding ceremonies of both competitions.

Please contact Jobannie (050-4674887) for registration. Last day of registration is on December 13 (Sunday). Registration fee is Dh 40 and Dh 20 for FCPL members.

The opening ceremony on Tuesday will start at 7:30 pm and will be graced by Consul General Hon. Benito Valeriano. Full details will be posted shortly.

See you at the tournament.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009


FCPL Handicapping Chess Tournament results

Please find below the results of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th handicapping tournaments that were held every Tuesday at Reef Mall.

1st Handicapping Tournament

 2nd Handicapping Tournament

3rd Handicapping Tournament

4th Handicapping Tournament
A few things of note:

1) Three of the four champions swept their respective games in claiming the championship: Loyola (5/5, five-round Swiss), Tabada (10/10, round robin) and Arellano (7/7, round robin).

2) You may want to look at the final scores of the fourth handicapping tournament – interesting, don't you think?

3) NM Robert Arellano scored a grand slam in the first three events – placing second in each – before finally capturing his first title in the fourth edition.

4) During the fourth handicapping tournament, time odds of division A players were revised as follows: A vs. B, from 5-4 to 5-3; A vs. C, from 5-3 to 5-2.5. It was also in the fourth edition wherein lower-division players finally barged into the winner's circle.

5) The second and fourth handicapping tournaments adopted the round robin format, while the other two were Swiss system events.

The handicapping ratings have likewise been updated after each event. Please find below the new handicapping ratings.

For those who have no handicap rating, their FCPL, NCFP or Fide rating will be used as the initial handicap rating.

The latest FCPL rating list can be found here.

Watch out for the next handicapping event!

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


4th FCPL Handicapping Tournament

Dear fellow chess enthusiasts,

The FCPL invites you to join the FCPL Handicapping Blitz Chess Tournament for you to enjoy an afternoon of blitz chess as we celebrate the UAE National Day on Wednesday (December 2), at Reef Mall.

Also please note that time handicaps, particularly those involving division A players, have been changed as part of a process to determine the most suitable handicap system.

Please see complete details below.

(click to enlarge image)

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