Wednesday, November 18, 2009


FCPL invites you to Walk for Bones (great reasons why you should attend)

The FCPL is encouraging everyone to attend the "Walk for Bones," a campaign to raise awareness about Osteoporosis to be held this Friday, Nov. 20 at Safa Park in Dubai. Registration starts at 2 pm and walk starts at 4 pm.

Aside from being part of a meaningful activity, there are value-added reasons why you should participate:

1. FREE Registration
2. FREE T-Shirt and Caps
3. FREE Bone Scanning - results will be given on the same day
4. FREE Product Sampling
5. FREE Transportation - kindly coordinate with Ms. Theresa Isidro tomorrow for transportation arrangement and other inquiry @ 050-5456987

To top it all… there will be monetary incentives for Filcom organizations that will reach total number of participants as follows:

75 PAX  =   AED. 1,500..00 ( 1,000 will go to Organization and 500 will go to Filcom Bayanihan Fund)
150 PAX  =  AED. 2,500.00 ( 1,500 will go to Organization and 1,000 will go to Filcom Bayanihan Fund)
300 PAX  =  AED. 4,000.00 ( 2,500 will go to Organization and 1,500 will go to Filcom Bayanihan Fund)

During registration, please make sure to write FCPL - FilCom as the name of your organization so we as well as FilCom, the umbrella group of Filipino organizations, can avail of the possible cash incentive.

The cash incentive will certainly be a big help to the FCPL's year-end tournament and party, which we are planning to hold from December 12 to 18. FilCom can also use the cash incentive as it needs additional funds for its Bayanihan Festival, which will be held on December 11.

So please come and bring along your family, friends or office mates. Of course, you can list them all under FCPL – FilCom during registration so we can avail of the incentives.

Thank you and see you there!

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Monday, November 16, 2009


2nd FCPL Handicapping Tournament

The FCPL invites you to the 2nd FCPL Handicapping Blitz Chess Tournament, which will be held on Tuesday (Nov. 17, 2009) at Reef Mall in Dubai. Registration will start at 7 pm and games at 8.

The handicapping event gives lower-rated players a better chance of taking home prizes by using a time handicap system wherein higher-rated players will play with less time against lower-rated players (please see rating list below and the table for time odds).

Please see complete details below.

(Click on image to enlarge)


If your name is not found above, your initial handicap rating will be based on your FCPL rating, which is found below.

The remainder of the list can be accessed through the following links:

FCPL Rating List 1
FCPL Rating List 2


Monday, November 09, 2009


Invitation to FCPL Handicapping Blitz Tournament

The FCPL invites you to the 1st FCPL Handicapping Blitz Chess Tournament, which will be held on Tuesday (Nov. 10, 2009). Registration will start at 7 pm and games at 8. Since this is the first time we are holding this kind of event, we have limited the number of participants to a maximum of 20. So come early to reserve you places.

The tournament essentially aims to provide more excitement to our tournaments by making games more competitive.

In most of the regular monthly tournaments this year, it has been the same group of top-seeded players who dominate the top rankings. The handicapping event gives lower-rated players a better chance of taking home prizes. If everything goes according to plan, we will try to hold this tournament every Tuesday.  

Ultimately, our goal is to add a new dimension to our competitions and create new ways of having fun while playing chess.

Essentially, the basic concept of the handicapping tournament is that higher-rated players will play with a time handicap against lower-rated players (please see rating list below and the table for time odds). Starting from this tournament, we will also be calculating a different rating list for handicapping tournaments. We will also adopt and change certain rules as necessary along the way.

Please see below the initial rating list and see which division you belong. As a sample illustration: in matches pitting a Division A player (rated 2000 above) against a Division B player (rated 1900 to 1999), for instance, the A player will have four (4) minutes on his clock, while the B player will have five. The complete table for the time handicap is shown below.

We hope to see you this Tuesday and in our future handicapping events.

Please see complete details below.

(click image to enlarge)

Handicap Rating List (click on images to enlarge)


Saturday, November 07, 2009


Loyola survives upset scare to rule Al Ain Mineral Water Active Chess

Winners and tournament officials of Friday's Al Ain
Mineral Water Active Chess Tournament at Reef Mall.

Rolenson Loyola escaped with a miraculous draw in the fifth round and then cruised through the final two rounds with back-to-back wins to rule Friday's (November 6, 2009) Al Ain Mineral Water Active Chess Tournament at Reef Mall in Dubai.

Meanwhile, the tournament welcomed a special visitor from Washington DC, whose presence certainly perked up and stirred the creativity in some on account of the surprise strong performance of a few unheraleded players. More about this prodigious beauty, whose photo you can see below, and her equally jaw-dropping credentials at the latter part of this report.

FCPL players pleasantly surprised

by this Fil-Am visitor from Washington DC.

After carting away Dh 8,000 when he recently ruled the Open division of the 2009 Abu Dhabi International Ramadan Chess Festival, Loyola again hit pay dirt when he topped the Dubai active chess event with six points in seven games, overtaking erstwhile solo leader Rocky Pabalan, who dropped to second place after blowing his title bid with a crushing loss to eventual third-placer Melvin Segismundo.

A final-round win over Erwin Dimarucut sealed Loyola’s title hunt, prevailing in an exciting Queen’s Pawn encounter wherein he converted a slight positional advantage into a decisive queenside offensive. Unable to make solid progress with his kingside forays in the middlegame, Loyola shifted his attack to Dimarucut’s queenside where his powerful battery of major pieces struck deep into enemy territory, ultimately deciding the game’s outcome.

Rolenson Loyola (right) vs. Erwin Dimarucut
in a final-round showdown.

The second-seeded Loyola received a major upset scare when fatal blunders resulted in a completely losing position against ninth-seed Larry Dolor in the fifth round. However, in the thick of a mad time scramble, Dolor failed to anticipate a creative and instructie defensive manoeuvre by Loyola that allowed the eventual champion to force a draw by giving up his last remaining piece – a rook – to achieve a stalemate position.

Dolor - Loyola

(White to move)

The position has hidden drawing possibilities, which is not easily recognisable to the uninitiated. More experienced players and those who have fallen victim to the succeeding defensive resource, however, know better than to follow Larry's actual move in the game, which was 1.h7? This is not a good move mainly because of black's forced reply 1... Kh8! Now the king is in a stalemate position, which makes the game a little more complicated than when the pawns were still all on the sixth rank. It shouldn't be hard to recognise black's defensive plan, which seemed obvious to all watching the game except for Larry, who was, to his defense, under time pressure. 2.Rf7??

Dolor - Loyola
(Black to move)

Larry falls for the trap. The position is now a simple black to play and draw problem, which is impossible to miss for a player like Loyola, who once trained and played alongside GM Darwin Laylo and GM-elect Ronald Dableo, two of RP's top endgame experts, during their dominating run as members of the San Sebastian College dynasty in the NCAA. 2...Re2+! Black happily gives up his rook, which results in a stalemate. After trying to escape the checks for a few moves, Larry eventually conceded the draw. After the game, Larry said he didn't mind bungling the win as he nevertheless achieved his objective: a draw with the formidable Loyola. Rightly so as the result gave him 4.5 points in five games, putting him in the lead with Rocky Pabalan. Unfortunately, it was downhill for Larry from thereon as he succumbed to back-to-back losses.

Meanwhile, Pabalan, who needed only a draw against Segismundo to formalise his claim of the title, found himself on the wrong end of another potent queenside attack, which forced him to give up material and eventually concede the point in a hopeless endgame position. Pabalan had nonetheless built enough cushion over his nearest pursuers to still grab second place with 5.5 points.

Segismundo finished with five points in a tie with Jumar Abo, who was relegated to fourth with an inferior tiebreak score. The rest of the top 10 scorers were Larry Dolor, new FCPL tournament player Napoleon Recososa, Macky Ingcongan, Francis Erwin Dimarucut, Ben Penaranda and Carlos de Guzman.

Indian kiddie campaigner Anusweud received a special prize as the top Under-14 age-group player. Special prizes were also awarded to top scorers in different rating categories: Danny Ambing (1900-below), Richard Perez (1800-below) and new FCPL recruit Raymond Dolor (1700-below/Unrated). All winners received cash prizes and gift items from Al Ain Mineral Water.

The sponsorship from Al Ain Mineral Water was made possible through the efforts of FCPL Adviser Emman Marbella.

Final Standings (click on image to enlarge)

Final round pairings (click on image to enlarge)

Awarding Photos

Champion Rolenson Loyola with tournament arbiter
FA Jobannie C. Tabada
(left) and FCPL Sec-Gen Ronnie G. Balilo

First runner-up Rocky Pabalan

Second runner-up Melvin Segismundo

Third runner-up Jumar Abo

Fourth runner-up Larry Dolor will surely be looking
to redeem himself in the next tournament

Fifth runner-up Napoleon Recososa.
A big start for FCPL rookie player.

Sixth runner-up Macky Ingcongan

Seventh runner-up Francis Erwin Dimarucut.
He played in last month's Dubai Chess Club active chess
tournament where he had the UAE's top player
GM Salem AR Saleh on the ropes. The Al Ain Mineral Water event
was his first appearance in an FCPL-organised tournament.

Eighth runner-up Ben Penaranda pulling
a strong finish after a slow start.

Ninth runner-up Carlos de Guzman

Top Under-1900 Danny Ambing

Top Under 1700/Unrated Raymond Dolor

Top Kiddie Anusweud

Top-seed Marvin Marcos receives his consolation prize
for finishing 12th. Marcos, who was champion in the Chess
For A Cause
Active Chess Tournament last October,
was a major
disappointment, losing back-to-back games
in the third and fourth rounds and then compounded his woes
with a final-round
loss to new player Napoleon Recososa.

Consolation prize for Pucholo Yape

Tato Abdullah receives his consolation prize

Tournament officials (from left) Jobannie C. Tabada,
Ronnie G. Balilo and Willy Laceste preparing
medals, cash prizes and gift items from Al Ain Mineral Water.

The gold, silver and bronze FCPL medals

Special visitor

The surprise guest we had been talking about at the beginning of this report was Dovelyn Rannveig Agunias, a policy analyst from this US-based NGO.

Although we're still not yet sure if drop-dead beauty is indeed a compulsory requirement for one to become a policy analyst -- especially for one who's based in Washington DC, the policy capital of the world -- we're now pretty certain that a degree from UP, an MS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University -- with honours, of course -- and, for good measure, throwing in a bit of work experience from the World Bank and the United Nations will probably give you a good head start.

Dovelyn is in Dubai to do research work on the recruitment process for OFWs. She dropped by at the tournament with the hope of interviewing a few people who were recruited through an agency. Unfortunately, most of the guys at the tournament got into Dubai through visit visas before eventually landing jobs. However, she did get two or three interviews of people who went through the government-sponsored process. Although Dovelyn couldn't stay long (she had to leave for another group interview with a group of Filipina domestic helpers at Chow King in Satwa) her presence must have energised some players, considering there were a few who performed above their nominal ratings (of course, the tournament top-seed Marvin Marcos would be the perfect antithesis, but that's a completely different story).

Dovelyn will use her findings to file a report and make recommendations to improve Philippine policies that concern OFWs, which she says will then be turned over to the concerned authorities in the Philippines. The FCPL wishes Dovelyn good luck with her mission and we hope that our fears of government inaction on her well-meaning proposals are simply hallucinations of us jaded expats and that her work will indeed make a difference on the lives of Filipino overseas workers.

While Dovelyn does not play chess -- that's according to her, although she somehow seems interested to learn -- there are some things that connect her with chess fanatics (aside from being an "analyst" herself like chess players seem to be, albeit in a more irrational way): She's apparently well versed with the Nordic language, which is a good thing because we now have someone to translate interviews of Norwegian boy wonder Margnus Carlsen that are conducted in Nordic dialect. As her profile suggests, Dovelyn is especially adept with Icelandic, which is again a great thing as she could be the key to helping us figure out the mysteries of the chess world's beloved Bobby Fischer's final days in Iceland.

If you're wondering how come we know quite a lot about her, it's all here, actually. And while we're at it, here's a sampling of her work, which is a report about Filipino migrant workers.

Dovelyn Rannveig Agunias


Wednesday, November 04, 2009


FCPL Active Chess Tournament on Nov. 6 (Friday)

Everyone is invited to join the active chess tournament at Reef Mall this Friday (Nov. 6).
Prizes will be awarded to top 10 players, while there will also be lucky winners of raffle prizes.

There will also be announcements made about upcoming year-end tournament and party. So be sure not to miss this event!

For complete details, please click on image below.


World Cup: RP GMs take on rated rivals
(The Philippine Star) Updated November 04, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - GM Wesley So takes on GM Gadir Guseinov of Azerbaijan in the first round of the World Chess Cup which begins Nov. 20 at the Khanty-Mansiysk Center of Arts in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia.

So, the country’s highest-rated player with a 2640 rating, is seeded 59th overall in the 128-player tournament which features the world’s top players.
His opponent, Guseinov, is seeded 70th.

Guseinov is one of 46 players who qualified through the European Championships in 2008 and 2009.

The two other Filipino campaigners in the event are GMs Rogelio Antonio Jr. and Darwin Laylo, who will be up against a pair of veteran and higher-rated opponents.

Antonio, who clinched a World Cup berth with a strong showing in the Asian Individual Chess Championship in Subic early this year, will play No. 27 seed GM Gata Kamsky of the United States.

On the other hand, Laylo, playing on his second straight World Cup after topping the Asian Zone 3.3 championship in Vietnam also this year, will challenge No. 21 seed GM David Navara of the Czech Republic.

Kamsky is one of three players seeded in the tournament for his participation in the 2007 World Cup.

Like Gusienov, Navara also earned a slot in the World Cup through the European Championships.

National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) president/chairman Prospero “Butch”Pichay expressed confidence the three Filipino players will perform well in the first round.

“We expect our players, especially Wesley, to do well in the first round,” said Pichay, who hosted four major international tournaments in the country this year to give the Filipino players the much-needed exposure in international play.

“Wesley did well in the recent SPICE (Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence) tournament, Joey is performing well in the Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam and Darwin also had a superb showing in the Asian Zonals,” said Pichay.

Top seed GM Boris Gelfand of Israel opens his campaign against IM Andrei Obodchuk of Russia in this Wimbledon-style knockout matches organized by the World Chess Federation (FIDE).

Second seed GM Vugar Gashimov of Azerbaijan will meet IM Walaa Sarwat of Egypt whle third seed GM Peter Svidler of Russia will take on IM Jean Hebert of Candada.

Other notable first-round matches will pit No. 4 GM Alexander Morozevich of Russia against IM Khaled Abdel Rzik of Egypt, No. 5 GM Teimour Radjabov of Azerbaijan against IM Mohamed Ezat of Egypt, No. 6 GM Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine against GM Alexei Bezgrodov of Russia, No. 7 GM Ruslan Ponomariov of Ukraine against GM Essam El Gindy of Egypt, No. 8 GM Alexander Grischuk of Russia against IM Jha Smiram of India, No. 9 GM Dmitry Jakovenko of Russia against GM Aimen Rizouk of Algeria and No. 10 GM Wang Yue of China against GM Nikolai Kabanov of Russia.

The second round is scheduled on Nov. 24-25, while the third round will be played on Nov. 27-28.

Only 64 players will advance to the second round and 32 to the third round.

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