Monday, November 09, 2009


Invitation to FCPL Handicapping Blitz Tournament

The FCPL invites you to the 1st FCPL Handicapping Blitz Chess Tournament, which will be held on Tuesday (Nov. 10, 2009). Registration will start at 7 pm and games at 8. Since this is the first time we are holding this kind of event, we have limited the number of participants to a maximum of 20. So come early to reserve you places.

The tournament essentially aims to provide more excitement to our tournaments by making games more competitive.

In most of the regular monthly tournaments this year, it has been the same group of top-seeded players who dominate the top rankings. The handicapping event gives lower-rated players a better chance of taking home prizes. If everything goes according to plan, we will try to hold this tournament every Tuesday.  

Ultimately, our goal is to add a new dimension to our competitions and create new ways of having fun while playing chess.

Essentially, the basic concept of the handicapping tournament is that higher-rated players will play with a time handicap against lower-rated players (please see rating list below and the table for time odds). Starting from this tournament, we will also be calculating a different rating list for handicapping tournaments. We will also adopt and change certain rules as necessary along the way.

Please see below the initial rating list and see which division you belong. As a sample illustration: in matches pitting a Division A player (rated 2000 above) against a Division B player (rated 1900 to 1999), for instance, the A player will have four (4) minutes on his clock, while the B player will have five. The complete table for the time handicap is shown below.

We hope to see you this Tuesday and in our future handicapping events.

Please see complete details below.

(click image to enlarge)

Handicap Rating List (click on images to enlarge)


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