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ConGen Cup Active Chess Tournament Round 1 Pairings

(Please note that the raffle draw date has been moved from Dec. 11 to Dec. 18, during the awarding ceremony of the ConGen Cup)

The 2nd Consul General's Cup Active Chess Tournament will kick off Tuesday at 8 pm. A short opening ceremony will start at 7:30 pm.

The tournament will be for 9 rounds with three games to be played each night on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Time control is 15 minutes plus 5-second increment per move.

There will also be a a pair of blitz tournaments on Friday. One is a battle of champions featuring all players who placed first or second in all the tournaments organised by FCPL this year plus a few invited players. The other is the ConGen Cup Open Blitz Tournament, which is open to all.

Those who will play in the battle of champions are not eligible to play in the ConGen Cup Blitz Tournament. Full details of the blitz events will be announced and posted here on Wednesday.

The awarding ceremonies of all events will be held on Friday, after the blitz competitions.

Consul General Hon. Benito Valeriano will be present on Friday to award the prizes and induct the officers of FCPL.

Please see below full details, including prizes of the tournament and the round-one pairings.

Consul General’s Cup Chess Festival 2009
Reef Mall, Dubai, UAE
December 15-18, 2009


December 15
7:30 pm
Main entrance lobby, Reef Mall
Opening Ceremony
December 15
8 pm to 11 pm
Main entrance lobby, Reef Mall
Round 1 to 3
December 16
8 pm to 11 pm
Main entrance lobby, Reef Mall
Round 4 to 6
December 17
8 pm to 11 pm
Main entrance lobby, Reef Mall
Round 7 to 9
December 18
2 pm to 5 pm
Former Book Plus area, Reef Mall
Blitz King Chess Championship / ConGen Cup Blitz Tournament

December 18
5 pm to 11 pm
Former Book Plus area, Reef Mall
Awarding ceremony /
Induction of FCPL officers by Consul General Hon. Benito Valeriano /
Year-end party

The tournament will be held at the main entrance lobby of Reef Mall in Dubai, UAE.

The tournament is open to all Filipino expats in the UAE and to other nationalities.

Tournament will follow the Fide Rules and the rules and regulations stipulated in this invitation.

Active Chess Tournament
Tournament Format: 9 Rounds, Swiss System
Time Control: 15 minutes plus 5 seconds per move starting from move one (20 minutes play to finish for clocks with no increment)

Blitz Chess Tournament
Tournament Format: 9 Rounds, Swiss System (subject to change)
Time Control: 5 minutes

Battle of Champions Blitz King Chess Tournament
Tournament Format: Round Robin (subject to change)
Time Control: 4 minutes plus 2-second increment

Tie Breaks:
a) The result of their particular game, if applicable (Only for ties for first place)
b) Median Bucholz
c) Bucholz
d) Progressive
e) Most number of wins
d) Most number of black wins
f) Drawing of lots

a) Cash prizes (Players eligible for multiple cash prizes can only claim the prize with higher value. Prizes will not be shared among tied players.)
Active Chess Tournament
Champion                     – Dh 500 plus medal plus certificate
1st runner-up                 – Dh 350 plus medal plus certificate
2nd runner-up                – Dh 250 plus medal plus certificate
3rd runner                      – Dh 150
4th runner-up                – Dh 100
5th runner-up                – Dh 75
6th runner-up                – Dh 75
7th runner-up                – Dh 50
8th runner-up                – Dh 50
9th runner-up                – Dh 50
Top Under 1900                      – Dh 50 plus certificate
Top Under 1800                      – Dh 50 plus certificate
Top Under 1700/Unrated         – Dh 50 plus certificate
Top Kiddie                               – Dh 50 plus certificate

Blitz Chess Tournament
- Top 5 winners (value to be announced)

Battle of Champions Blitz Chess Tournament
- To be announced      

Active Chess Tournament
Registration fee: Dh40
FCPL Members: Dh20

Blitz Chess Tournament
Registration fee: Dh30
FCPL Members: Dh15

Round 1 Pairings


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