Sunday, June 11, 2006


FCPL Junior Rapid Chess Championship 2006

Congratulations to Axel John Valerio for a stunning victory in the recently held FCPL Junior Rapid Chess Championship on June 2, 2006 in Al Fardan Centre, Sharjah, hosted by the FCPL-Sharjah Chapter.

Under a 7-round Swiss system regulation, Axel John Valerio garnered an impressive perfect score of 7.0 points.

Final Result

Champion: Axel John Valerio (7.0 points)
1st Runner Up: Ronald Ducalang (6.0 points)
2nd Runner Up: Ralph Mancao (4.0 points)

Each received trophy respectively.

Best Players

Under 16: Rosanne Aldeguer (3.5 points)
Under 14: Ronald Ducalang (6.0 points)
Under 12: Axel John Velario (7.0 points)
Under 10: Anita Valerio (3.5 points)

Each best player in their age-group category received a medal.

Arbiter: Mr. Mar Alfonso

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