Monday, June 12, 2006


Showdown in Reef Mall

by Emman

Danny Baltazar has added another feather in his cap following his triumph in the Filipino Chess Players League (FCPL) monthly rapid chess tournament on Friday, 26 May 2006, in Reef Mall, Dubai.

Started off at a snail's pace with a shocking draw from Fred Lopes in the first round, Danny Baltazar made a spectacular comeback winning the next six rounds of the 7-round Swiss System event.

In the first pace of the tournament, Florante Lopes dominated the standing with 4 straight wins and asssddf (Left to right: Abdullah, Danny, Arnel & Mel)sffasdf it was only in the fifth round that he was stopped by Dave Ravara.

After round 5, Dave Ravara together with Danny Baltazar, who crushed Tony Molina in the fifth round, shared a half point lead over Florante Lopes and Mar Alfonso. When the joint leaders faced each other in the following round, Danny Baltazar managed to pull away to score a decisive full point win over Dave Ravara which created a momentum for a needed rally going into the final round. This victory placed Danny Baltazar in a comfortable position for a top spot if he can pull it off in the final round.

On the lower boards after round five, Florante Lopes who tried to regain his top post, shared with Mar Alfonso tracked the leaders of the field with 4.0 points each, whilst Francis Aldeguer, Abdullah Tato, Emman Marbella and Michael Diagbil scored 3.5 points. Tony Marbella, Tony Molina, Moshe Molina and Rolly Viente also scored 3.0 points.

In the exciting final showdown, Danny Baltazar continued his decisive winning streak and preserved his grip of the top spot by crushing Florante Lopes, with an impressive score of 6.5 points. Whilst Abdulla Tato fell further back by losing to Dave Ravara, who captured second place with a high score of 5.5 points in board 2, Francis Aldequer grabbed the third place after beating Tony Marbella with 5.5 points in board 3. Although tied for second with Dave Ravara, Francis Aldeguer lost in a tie-break.

The Final Standing

1. Danny Baltazar (6.5)
2. Dave Ravara (5.5)
3. Francis Aldeguer (5.5)
4. Florante Lopes (5.0)
5. Mar Alfonso (5.0)
6. Abdullah Tato (4.5)
7. Michael Diagbil (4.5)
8. Arnel Matildo (4.0)
9. Tony Marbella (4.0)
10. Emman Marbella (4.0)assfssgdafsa
(Left to right: Francis, Danny & Dave) lksjdflsadjlsdk 11. Ben Penaranda (4.0)
12. Tony Molina (4.0)
13. Moshe Molina (4.0)
14. Rolly Viente (4.0)
15. Axel Valerio (4.0)
16. Bonnie Bonifacio (4.0)
17. Ronald Osio (4.0)
18. Fred Lopes (3.0)
19. Mel Cabangon (3.0)
20. Dandy Legaspi (3.0)
21. Paul Ducalang (3.0)
22. Archie Piscol (3.0)
23. Lindo Millan (2.5)
24. Essa Abdul Rahman (2.5)
25. Arthur Cabatit (2.5)
26. Danny Ambing (2.0)
27. Lino Fabrigas (2.0)
28. Calbert Ortula (2.0)
29. Robert Lajara (2.0)
30. Richard Casem (0)

With a total of 30 participants from the Emirates of Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al-Khaimah, this tournament for the month of May was hosted by the FCPL-Dubai chapter under the leadership of Mel Cabangon, FCPL-Dubai Chairman, and assisted by Willy Laceste, who acted as chief arbiter of the tournament.

On behalf of the Filipino Chess Players League, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Reef Mall Dubai and to Architect Rolly Arlante for their continued support.


Tournament Photo

Mel Cabangon, FCPL-Dubai Chairman, awarded the 2nd prize (trophy and cash) to Dave Ravara

Francis Aldeguer cheerfully collected his 3rd prize (trophy and cash)

Emman, Dave, Arnel, Tony & Axel posed at the registration table prior to the tournament

The Ras Al-Khaimah Team headed by Lino Fabrigas

Tony Marbella vs Axel, Moshe vs Abdullah, Arnel vs Tony Molina

Michael Diagbil (right) looking for a brilliant move against a new member of FCPL

Mar Alfonso (observer) can't understand the move made by Danny Ambing (right) against Paul Ducalang (partly covered)

Arthur Cabatit (FCPL-RAK) vs Emman (FCPL-Dubai)

Left to right: Mel, Dave, Arnel, Francis, Bay 2 & Emman

The champ on the making (Emman, Arnel, Dave & Mel)

(First row) Florante Lopes and Rolly Viente,(next row) Abdullah Tato and Tony Marbella and Danny Baltazar

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