Tuesday, April 17, 2007


FCPL-Dubai elected its new sets of officers

FCPL- Dubai - The Filipino Chess Players League - Dubai Chapter (FCPL-Dubai) has recently elected its new sets of officer for the year 2007-2008 on Thursday, 5 April 2007 in Reef Mall, Dubai.

Initially presided by Marz S. Marcial, the meeting dubbed as "All Hands Meeting" was called upon in an effort to restructure its political machinery and review FCPL-Dubai performance last year.

FCPL-Dubai Chapter Newly Elected Officers

Chairman: Ernesto M. Yap
Advisers: Joey Tiberio, Rolly Arlante, Francis Aldeguer,
Secretary: Ernesto M. Yap
Treasurer: Abdulla Tato
Auditor: Mel Cabangon
Senior Members: Danny Baltazar, Willie Laceste
Coordinators: Arnel Matildo, Roberto Carandang, Reyjoy Bartolay

The newly elected officers will continue to carry out FCPL's ambitious plan and develop more progressive chess activities throughout the year.

Following the election, Mr. Ernie Yap continued the meeting and presided over a number of essential topics and discussed initial plans and strategies for the chapter.

(Danny Baltazar, Abdulla Tato, Ernie Yap & Ryan "Onyok" Carandang)


A. FCPL-Dubai Chapter

(1) Aims & Objectives - Aims & Objectives of FCPL-Dubai were discussed and created to set up the mind and focus of the Club in proper direction. The following are few of the most important Aims & Objectives of the FCPL-Dubai:

(a) to expand membership participation
(b) to be recognised as active expanding Chess Club
(c) to cater to different level of Chess Players (hobbyist, advance and rated)
(d) to make Chess a rewarding past time & sport for everyone

(2) Membership

(a) Selection of Officers - A set of officers was selected and approved by the committee during the meeting
(b) Membership Fee - A membership fee of Dhs. 25 was proposed, it was a major cut from the previous Dhs. 100 membership fee in line with the aims and objectives of expanding membership participation. However an optional Dhs. 10 are to be paid for those who wanted FCPL Identification Card. An internal understanding was disclosed between FCPL-UAE and FCPL-Dubai regarding payment of fee for the use of any materials, sets, participation to International Open Tournament, etc.
(c) Membership Qualification - A minimum qualification are required before any person can join the club. This is done to select only enthusiast players who could actively participate in the club activities
(d) Membership Limitation - It was discussed that the members should know the limitations of the Club in assets, resources and power. This was clarified in order to deal with members whose expectations are beyond the club capabilities to date
(e) Membership Obligation and Privileges - Members are obliged to behave in proper conduct at all time specially when representing the club in international tournaments. One of the privilege of the members is to have the chance to participate in rated tournaments and to have access to all club activities and organisation

B. Chess Programme

(1) Monthly Tournament

(a) Blitz - A time control 10min/10min One Day Blitz event
(b) Rapid/Active - A time control of 10min/20min 2-Day event
(c) Classic/Rated - A time control of 1.5hrs/1.5hrs Week long event

(2) Training and Seminars

(a) Chess Clinics - This program is already initiated by FCPL-UAE in Sharjah Chapter. The same type and format are to be done in FCPL-Dubai as well.
(b) Chess School - this is a project proposal that could generate funding and source of income for the experienced and advanced players.
(c) Chess Exhibitions - this are viable fund generating program that could help the club to promote chess to malls and themed parks. Active participations and support from members are required for this program to be a success.
(d) Internal Rating Format - a proposed rating format will be introduced in all upcoming tournament to assess players capacity.

C. Sponsorship and Community Developments

(a) Fund Raising - to raise funding through direct company sponsorship. Members are encourage to look or refer prospective company who would like to sponsor club activities to club officers
(b) Club Books and Promotional Items - in order to have funding, the Club will be involve in selling books, T-shirts, Caps, etc. and the proceeds will be added to the club funds.
(c) Civic and Charitable Activities - everyone is encourage to participate in civic and charitable activities for community development and to make our presence felt by other socio-civic organisations.
(d) Get -together party and Facility Fund Date - a twise a year get together celebration is proposed to encourage brotherhood and camaraderie. A tentative date for "get-together party" will be on April 21, 2007 at Mamzar Park, Deira Dubai. Further details of the event will be discussed in the next meeting.
(e) Physical Sports & Health Development - A physical sports are proposed for diversion from mental sports (chess) to enhanced physical and health development of members. This can be done through regular physical sports inter-action and fun games programs in all parties and get together celebrations of all members.

End of meeting - 11:pm. Next meeting to be advised.
Minutes prepared by: Ernie Yap
cc: All attendees and FCPL Members

To the newly elected officers, our warments CONGRATULATIONS..!!!

I'm tremendously grateful for the friendly welcome that FCPL members in Dubia have afforded me - and if there's anything that I can do to help out thne please let me know.

Good luck in the coming year
Paul from England
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