Wednesday, May 09, 2007

No bid to limit visit visa holders from UAE entry
By: Criselda E. Diala/Khaleej Times/6 May 2007

DUBAI - The Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) has clarified an earlier report on entry limit for visit visa holders, a top official of the Philippine Consulate General (PCG), told Khaleej Times.

The issue that visit visa holders are supposedly limited to only three consecutive visit visa entries to the UAE has become a concern for the Philippine community, particularly since a substantial number of Filipinos enter the country frequently on visit visa.

Philippine Consul-General Antonio S. Curameng said he spoke with Brigadier Mohammad Ahmad Al Marri, DNRD Director, to clarify the matter after four Filipinos were held and questioned at the Terminal 2 of the Dubai International Airport (DIA) last month while returning for a visa change trip to Kish Island.

“Brigadier Al Marri has personally informed me that there is no such policy limiting visit visa holders from entering the country. As long as a tourist is 18-years-old and above, and has a valid UAE visit visa, he or she can enter the country any time,” said Curameng.

He also echoed the DNRD official’s comments that the report published in the local Press about the alleged immigration limitation was wrong. “That (report) has actually caused further confusion not just within the Filipino community, but perhaps in other expatriate communities here as well,' the consul-general added.

Last month, the PCG intervened in a case involving four Filipinos who have renewed their visit visas several times, one of whom has been frequently changing her visa for the past two years. The Filipinos were eventually allowed to pass through the immigration procedures.

Curameng then sent an official communication to DNRD to clarify the issue. “I am glad that Brigadier Al Marri has responded to our request and straightened the facts,” he said.

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