Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Philippine Battle of the Grandmasters

by Marlon Bernardino

GM Wesley So took the scalped of FM Fernie Donguines after 48 moves of a Sicilian Defense using the black pieces to remain on top after the sixth round late Tuesday in the ongoing Philippine Battle of the Grandmasters at the 11th floor City State Hotel in Mabini.

The 14-year-old So who held into a draw with NM Nouri Hamed after 30 moves of a Reti Opening in the fifth round on Monday notch 5.0 points on account of 4 wins and 2 draws in six outings. He is schedule to meet today IM Rolando Nolte for the seventh round.

"Mahirap pa pong magsalita basta gagawin ko lamang ang aking best," said So when this writer asked him if he can win the and the top prize of P200,000.

"Masuwerte ako ngayon," added So, who had an Elo rating of 2540 in the April 1, 2008 FIDE list and expect to going up because of the impressive performance in the past, winning the tough Dubai Open Chess and beat Indon GM Susanto Megaranto in their one-on-one duel.

So increase his 2540 Elo rating to 2561 Elo rating points because of his impressive performance in Dubai and Jakarta.

Meanwhile, GM Eugene Torre continues his impressive showing by beating fellow GM Bong Villamayor after 40 moves of a Pirc Defense last night. kagabi.

Torre is coming a draw with IM Rolando Nolte after 43 moves of a Gruenfeld Defense in the fifth round.Torre now has 4.5 points, the same output of IM John Paul Gomez to tie at 2nd to 3rd placers.

Despite Gomez bowed to Donguines in the fifth round after 117 moves of an Owens Defense, Gomez bounce back in contention by trouncing IM Julio Catalino Sadorra after 32 moves of a Caro-Kann Defense.

In other matches saw (sixth round), Nolte beat Hamed; IM Richard Bitoon disposed GM Jayson Gonzales, while IM Oliver Barbosa split the point with GM Rogelio Antonio Jr.Battle of GrandmastersRank after round 6


1 GM So, Wesley 2540 5
2 GM Torre, Eugene 2519 4½
3 IM Gomez, John Paul 2464 4½
4 IM Bitoon, Richard 2420 4
5 FM Donguines, Fernie 2362 3½
6 GM Antonio, Rogelio Jr. 2529 3½
7 Nolte, Rolando 2420 3
8 Nouri, Hamed 2392 2
9 Barbosa, Oliver 2403 2
10 GM Villamayor, Buenaventura 2425 1½
11 IM Sadorra, Julio Catalino 2455 1½
12 GM Gonzales, Jayson 2468 1


1 Cua, Shercila 2203 5
2 Jose, Rulp Ylem 2044 5
3 Perena, Catherine 2234 5
4 Cua, Sherily 2132 3½
5 Salvador, Aices 1999 3
6 Bernales, Christy Lamiel 1934 3
7 Magno, Enerose 2169 2½
8 Camacho, Charine Cheradee 2106 2½
9 WIM Mendoza, Beverly 2072 2
10 Cunanan, Kimberly Jane 1939 1½
11 Palomo, Jenny Rose 0 1½
12 Docena, Jedara 1973 1½


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