Thursday, October 15, 2009


Invitation to join the "FCPL Sing for a Cause"

'Sing for a Cause' will be held on October 16 (Friday) at the main entrance lobby of Reef Mall.

The event is for the benefit of the victims of the series of powerful typhoons that have hit the Philippines, particularly typhoon Ondoy.

This event will also serve as tribute to all the volunteers and benefactors of the ongoing donation drive being held at Reef Mall. Through an afternoon of singing, fun and camaraderie, join us in saying “thank you” to all the nameless individuals who have selflessly offered their time, talent and resources for this donation campaign.

The donation campaign has been going on for more than two weeks and will culminate on Oct. 16.

Sing for a Cause is essentially a videoke event wherein all mall visitors and guests from different FilCom organisations are encouraged to sing for a donation of at least Dh 10 for each song.

You can request as many songs as you want and you may also have other people sing the songs you requested.

All donations will be given to charitable institutions helping the typhoon Ondoy victims

The event will also feature a singing contest.

Please come and be part of a noble undertaking. Your help can go a long way in rebuilding the lives of the countless many who have been rendered homeless and devastated by the recent calamities.


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