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October Chess Tournament (Update: photos with captions)

Tournament winners with FCPL officers

Former FCPL President Jhun Moneda fashioned out a come-from-behind championship finish in the FCPL October Chess Tournament 2010 held at Reef Mall in Dubai on October 1, Friday. Moneda scored a final-round victory over UK's Paul Dargan, the erstwhile solo leader who led the tournament from the onset, to post five points in six games. The champion rallied from a second-round loss to India's Mohamad Shareef, while Dargan scored 4.5 points in the first five rounds and would have claimed the title outright with just a draw in the final round.

The second-seeded Dargan settled for second place, edging out on tiebreaks fellow 4.5-pointers Tato Abdulla, who placed third, and Rocky Pabalan, who settled for fourth. Tournament top-seed Fide Master Antonio Molina Sr. was fifth with four points.

The special awards went to Richard Perez (Top Under-1900), Mel Cabangon (Top Under-1800), Kyle Cedric Dolor (Top Junior) and 5-year-old Shyam (Youngest Participant).

The tournament raised Dh 530, which was donated to the group of 84 Filipina cleaners in Ajman who are being helped by the Filipino community after they were abandoned by their employers since July and are left to stay in a villa in Ajman without water, electricity and salary. They are currently being assisted by legal representatives from the Philippine Consulate in a labor case they have filed against their employer.

Complete rankings

Round by Round Results

Photo Gallery

Tournament Champion Jhun Moneda receiving his award from tournament arbiter Jobannie C. Tabada
Tournament champion Jhun Moneda receives his prize from FCPL
President Jobannie C. Tabada, who also served as tournament arbiter

Paul Dargan - 1st runner-up
Paul Dargan - 1st runner-up

Tato Abdullah - 2nd runner-up
Tato Abdullah - 2nd runner-up

Richard Perez - Top Under-1900

Richard Perez - Top Under-1900

Mel Cabangon - Top-Under-1800
Mel Cabangon - Top Under-1800

Kyle Cedric Dolor - Top Junior
Kyle Cedric Dolor - Top Junior Player

Shyam - Youngest Participant
Shyam - Youngest Participant

Sibt Ali vs. FM Tony Molina, who survived being a piece
down in the middlegame to score the full point against
the luckless Pakistani in the fourth round. Ali was also
completely winning in the third round against Rocky Pabalan,
but squandered a pawn and quality advantage to drop the point.

Rocky Pabalan's never-say-die attitude leads to an improbable
victory in an otherwise completely lost endgame against Sibt Ali.

The championship encounter between Paul Dargan and
Jhun Moneda, 0-1.

The tournament hall

Second-seed Paul Dargan eking out a win in time trouble
against junior player Kyle Cedric Dolor in the first round.

Jops Mangaco vs. Mohamad Shareef, 1-0

Shyam vs. new FCPL campaigner Marlon Ladao, 0-1

Marlon Ladao (right) vs. Kyle Dolor, 1-0

Kiddie player Sunil (right) vs. Macky Ingcongan, 0-1

Top-seed FM Tony Molina vs. second-seed Paul Dargan
continuing their discussion in the Albin Counter Gambit.
The game ended in a draw, as was their previous encounter
in the same line in a tournament in Abu Dhabi.

Richard Perez vs. Molina, 1/2-1/2, after Perez, with less
than a minute on his clock, failed to capitalise on his
extra rook in this endgame.

FCPL top guns Rocky Pabalan vs. Tato Abdulla, 1/2-1/2

Dargan vs. Abdulla in the second round, 1-0. Dargan
sacrificed a pawn and the knight on c3. Abdullah got greedy,
which proved fatal as he did not have time to fully develop
his kingside and bring his king to safety.

The prizes and medals

The arbiter's table

More Photos in the Slide Show Below


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